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House Rules by Sphere[]

  • Vampire/Ghoul Specific
  • Ghost/Spirit Specific


General House Rules[]


Most characters can start with 3 basic lores to cover what they already know about history and culture about their own kind- or that of thier mentor or guardian. Your character history should make it obvious how they acquired this information. Newly embraced vampires that were not ghouls, cubs who just had their first change, pre-Chrysalis changelings and other characters who have nounderstanding of who and what they are have to learn all lore in game.


Revised Edition and Experience[]

We are using 3rd Ed/Rev metaplot and rules in everything except XP costs (where most things cost X new lvl). Instead, we are using 2nd Ed XP costs of x current level. See XP Charts.

  1. Most backgrounds that stack (like fame, resources, equipment) can be purchased post-creation at the cost of 4 xp for new background and 3 x current rating to raise an established background. See
  2. Backgrounds where 1 point = 1 person (like allies, contacts, retainers) can be purchased post-creation at the cost of 2 xp each. See Backgrounds and each venue's XP spending page for more.



Personal totems (familar spirits) are not as powerful as pack totems which are not as powerful as caern totems which are not as powerful as tribal totems. Most books/web sites list the benefits/bans of pack totems- familiar spirits to not give these benefits the same way. See personal totems and spirit companions.


Child Characters[]

Child mages, shifter cubs, child vampires, characters of any kind under the age of 12 will be taken on a case-by-case basis and players need to have parents or guardians in place for them. These characters take a lot of "babysitting time" on the parts of other players; not everyone wants to do it. For the rules for 'child' mages (effectively 20 or under), please see the custom Mage sphere rules under Child Mages.


Wiki Pages for Characters[]

Players can update their own character and player pages on the Wiki in any manner they choose so long as they do not add content that violates any of Wikia.Com's policies including copyright and basic good taste/common sense.

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