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Changelings in Dusk[]

Storyteller: Kogitsune

Changeling play in Dusk encompassess the cities of Denver, Colorado and Boulder, Colorado, and points south. This area is known to the Fae as the Duchy of Crimson Canyon. The timeline is shortly before the events of War in Concordia, with High King David Ardry ap Gwydion having only recently gone missing. However, certain canonical elements have been fudged to allow for the presence of other character types, including the Adhene.

The Kingdom of the Burning Sun is one of the very few thriving areas in this time of turmoil and political strife, and as such, has started to receive a great deal of notice from outsiders, both those seeking refuge, and those meaning ill. The Duchy itself also has an expansive history, with many unsolved mysteries. Including the fate of the former Ducal Hold, Great Wolf's Chagrin, formerly abandoned holds such as "Hearthsong," and details of what exactly transpires in the chaotic county to the south, Serpent's Grove.

The tone of the game is that of survival, as Kithain strive to simply keep hold of what belongs to them. With new signs of Endless Winter's approach cropping up frequently, opportunitistic and greed-driven outsiders, and the delicate balance of sharing the Denver area with countless Prodigals, it's proving to be easier said than done.

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