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Most XP expenditures do not need ST approval, and therefore can be made when the points are available. There are limitations, however, on just how many dots can be purchased where in a given time frame. Those are detailed below:

  • One dot in Attributes can be purchased per week. That means, even if you have the points for two dots of Strength, or a dot of Perception and a dot of Wits, you may still only purchase one.
  • For rating 2-6, one dot of Willpower, or Glamour can be purchased within a month's time. (Glamour purchases will require IC support.) The 7th dot and above can only be purchased at a rate of one dot per three months. Dots 8 and above must have ST approval prior to purchase.
  • Players may purchase a number of Abilities per week, including multiple Talents, or a Talent and a Skill, etc. However, two dots in the same Ability cannot be purchased within the same week. So no two dots of Brawl in a week, etc.
  • Backgrounds, Merits, and Flaws always require ST approval. Whether it be to raise an existing Background, or to purchase a new one. (Even if earned through play.) To buy off Flaws, or to purchase a new Merit.
  • Arts and Realms can also only be purchased at a one per week rate. The exception being that a dot in an Art and a dot in a Realm can be purchased at the same time, but not two dots in either section.

As mentioned above, there are changes that require ST approval. As with high levels of Willpower, Glamour, and changes to Backgrounds, Merits, and Flaws, major history edits need approval as well.

Failure to acquire ST approval before making edits to the character sheet will result in a warning, and the changes being removed.. perhaps at the cost of the XP spent. Should the issue persist, the character's approval will be revoked, and the character will have to be reapped at base level to be played again.

Trait Cost
New Ability 3
New Realm 5
New Art 7
New Background 2
Raise Ability Current x 2
Raise Glamour Current x 2
Raise Willpower Current x 2
Raise Realm Current x 3
Raise Art Current x 4
Raise Attribute Current x 4
Raise Background 2
Raise Fae Gift 2
New Rede (Chimera) Level x 3